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About Us

As a young woman growing up on a Caribbean island, the sea, sand, sun and of course bikinis were part of my daily life for many years.

Marbella Swimwear was formed in 2021 after a lifetime of never finding bikinis that worked for my body. Maybe I would like the top, but the bottom would cover too much, or the pieces were too basic and boring. So I thought, why not create the bikinis I’m looking for.

Our pieces are uniquely made to accentuate all of our curves and shapes, bringing out our most confident selves. The fusion of Caribbean influence combined with European fabrics and styles has resulted in exclusive and versatile pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our bikinis are made in Marbella, with fabrics from Italy and Spain, designed by me, Valeria Sanchez Trivella, a Venezuelan woman who believes in celebrating the femininity of all women.

Marbella swimwear, statement pieces for the modern woman to feel as powerful, sexy and feminine as she feels inside.

mujeres en traje de baño jugando un futbolin
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